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Why Mutual Funds Underperform

The unfortunate truth is that, for most mutual fund companies, outperforming does not appear to be the primary goal.

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How Much Do I Need To Retire?

This is truly the “million-dollar” question since surveys show that at least 50% of people believe they will not have enough money when it comes time to retire.

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Perils of Market Timing

The first question we ask all STYLUS clients during an account review are: What are your financial goals and objectives? For almost everyone, saving for retirement is #1. It’s a simple concept: put away your excess cash so that some day, after those investments have grown in value, they can pay you back.

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To RRSP or Not RRSP…

When it comes to contributing to an RRSP, for most, it’s not a question of “If”, it’s simply a question of “How much?” and perhaps “When?” But the question of contributing to an RRSP is far more complicated because the truth is that RRSP contributions are not for everyone. Considering that RRSP investments often account for the second largest asset in many people’s lives (next to their house), the importance of creating a thoughtful and strategic approach cannot be understated.

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A Strategy For All Seasons

In a perfect world, risk would not exist. In such a world – let’s call it Investopia - investments would be highly rewarding and completely risk free. In Investopia, there is no “downside”. Every day is a positive day. We can just sit back and earn the exact returns that match our specific goals and objectives. Unfortunately Investopia exists only as a figment of every investor’s (and portfolio manager’s!) imagination. The reality is that most investments are not risk-free and no one can exactly predict the future. In the real world, tradeoffs must be made between risk and reward: the less risk you are willing to take, the lower your likely return.

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