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STYLUS approach to investment strategy: The Bucket Approach

Posted on April 19, 2013

The STYLUS approach to investment strategy and risk diversification was the focus of Rob Carrick's column in The Globe & Mail. To read how STYLUS uses "Buckets" to help match clients' investments with their personal time horizons, click on the article link:

Financial planning means something different for everyone. For some it's the goal to save enough for a comfortable retirement, for others it's a more involved process of creating very specific financial objectives. STYLUS recognizes that everyone's situation is different, so the process of developing a plan for each individual client starts with the most important questions: What is your personality? What is your current financial situation? What do you want to achieve with your investments? And what are your time horizons? Understanding clients' various time horizons allows us to segregate investments into the periods of time in which they need the money. We call it The Bucket Approach.

One of the tools we use to demonstrate this approach is a schematic, which breaks down the 4 key time horizons and the objective (return & risk) for each period. Click here to review our Bucket Approach overview.